On creating space in your brain

Since the week before Easter, my brain has been knocked off its orbit. Who would have known inheriting four musty old quilts could have packed such a punch?

Left: My great grandmother's quilt. Right: My first quilt, from cutting the blocks to quilted.
Left: My great grandmother’s quilt. Right: My first quilt, from cutting the blocks to quilted.

Since the week before Easter, my brain has been knocked off its orbit. Who would have known inheriting four musty old quilts could have packed such a punch?

I certainly didn’t. Neither did my aunt, who loaded her grandmother’s legacy—minus a dresser-full of crocheted doilies—into my arms. Nor did my mother, though she did look at me askance when I loaded the pile of bedding into her car. Where was I going to put my haul? In my closet, of course…and three of them made it up to the tippy top shelf. One stayed on my chair. For the last two and a half months, I’ve napped under it, fingered the still-tight stitches, marveled at the fabric that used to be my dad’s shirt or my grandpa’s shorts. And I decided I was going to make my own.

I did it, too, mostly (the binding isn’t done yet, but I designed, cut, pieced, sewed, sandwiched, and quilted it all by hand, by myself). It’s been an obsessive project, which suits my obsessive personality. I don’t think anyone in my family thought it would last. One of my great talents is picking up a craft, getting to the midpoint, and stashing it on my art cart. The cart is ready to mutiny, me thinks, least of all because the one project that stuck isn’t the easy sunglasses case or the multistrand bracelet or the sachet. It’s the six foot-long quilt.

When I look at what I’ve done, I am…honestly, kind of amazed. That I did it by hand astonishes me. That I persevered through cutting things wrong and sewing pieces wrong and measuring wrong and being imprecise humbles me. That it took my more than two months? And I’m still working on it—and happy to work on it? That’s unbelievable.

What’s more unbelievable, though, is how this quilt and the four heirlooms I inherited before starting it cracked open my psyche. Some activities (like baking and yoga) are things that I like to do. Others, like writing and sewing, are things that I feel are calling my name. I keep wanting to return to them. And, increasingly over the last few weeks, I’ve wanted to spend all my time sewing and none of it writing.

As a professional writer, that’s problematic. As a professional writer who has, ‘til the last few weeks, really, assumed her calling was writing and that was all she did and all she would do, that’s mind boggling. So, with my mind thoroughly boggled, I woke up Thursday, answered as much email as I needed to get through the weekend, pushed back a few deadlines, and declared a four-day weekend.

It was glorious. Every time I started worrying about this shift in my brain, I pushed those thoughts away. I did what I wanted—sewing machine hunting, fabric hunting, finished a pattern for a new quilt, sewing up blocks for another new quilt—and then, as I sewed, I started listening to a new podcast. Elise Gets Crafty has been running for about a year now. It’s the brainchild of Elise Blaha Cripe, a creative person, longtime blogger, and big-time motivational small business owner. I stepped back to 2014, back to her first episode. And I found someone giving advice to me.

By the time I hit publish on this post, it’ll have been about 24 hours since I started listening to the podcast. This morning, I had a meeting with myself and I was honest about what I love to do and what I don’t love to do and where I was want to be today and tomorrow and three months from now and six months from now. I think I’ve found a way to spend time nurturing all of my love sand making them all work for me, as well. I am in such a good headspace. I am mellow and calm. I’m not worried. I’m not stressed about deadlines. I’m not thinking about what I should have done when I was frolicking over the last four days. I’m moving forward.

So, what can you expect here, as I do? I’ll be talking more about my projects (writing and making) and what my brain is up to while I’m working on them. I’ll be sharing some of my favorite finds from around the Web. And I want to start a new series that’s all about people like me who enjoy making things, especially those based in traditional arts and crafts forms. I’m thinking about interviews, link-ups, history—all sorts of things. If and when that happens, you’ll be the first to know.

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